how long you wear out air jordan shoes

Published: 05th August 2010
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A lot of friends tell me that their beloved air jordan shoes can never last long. What should we do in order to keep our air jordan shoes in good condition for as long as possible? There are no specific rules , but I may share soem personal experiences, they do work, and my air jordan shoes are still in fabulous condition.A good pair of jordan shoes should last for three hundred to four hundred miles, but with proper care you can make them last a couple hundred more.

The best thing you can do to make your jordan shoes last longer is to only use them for exercise. Even if you are just walking around, you are wearing out the cushioning in the shoes; this will make them less supportive and cause them to wear down more quickly.Whenever you take your air jordan shoes on and off, make sure you do it properly. When removing air jordan shoes, make sure to undo the laces; don't just snug them off. When you don't loosen the aces you are stretching out the laces and also stretching out the front top of the shoe where the laces are attached. Whenever you put on up your michael jordan shoes , tie the laces to a proper tightness and height on the shoe. If the laces have been stretched out and tend to drag on the ground when you run, double knot them for added security. This way, the laces will last longer and your shoe will be kept in proper condition.We all know it rains; whenever you run around the neighborhood after a rain, you are bound to get your air jordan shoes wet in puddles. The worst thing you can do for your jordan shoes is to dry them off with a radiator or throw them in the dryer. The proper way to dry off your wet shoes is to loosen the laces, then remove the insole. Once this is done you can place the shoes in a dry environment; give them time to air dry. When you allow the water to evaporate naturally you aren't running the risk shrinking your joran shoes or having the stitches that bind the shoe come loose.If you want to keep your air jordan shoes in good running condition longer, it is productive to have two pairs of running shoes. Try to swap pairs after each run, as this will allow the dunk shoes ample time to recover and fully dry from a previous run.The last tip to make your shoes last longer is to store them properly. Keep your shoes in a cool, dry place where they can fully air out. Never leave them enclosed in a gym bag or in the trunk of your car.As long as you follow these basic tips for proper care you can make your air jordan shoes last long past the three hundred mile mark.Before I have a terrible habit of just pulling out of my everyday sneakers. For my treasured walking shoes, first, I bought two pair (two colors so I can tell them apart), and second, I always untie them and loosen the laces before removing them. Then they air out for at least a day before I put them in the closet. I also track their milage , so I know when I need to start looking for replacements.As an alternative to shoe goo, I use glue sticks from a hot glue gun to build up soles - more ecconimcal and easire to buy.Making Shoes last longer

Two tips: 1. Use baby powder inside the shoes every time before wearing them. It will keep them dry and fresh. 2. When the soles wear out re-fill them using Shoe-Goo, which comes in a tube (available at Ace Hardware stores for about $5.-, or on line, where it is more expensive). The way to do it is to clean the sole and heel from all loose material, place the shoe upside-down, fill the worn section with shoe-Goo and let it cure for about 24 hrs. For the heel, I build up a "wall" using masking tape attached to the side around the shoe, the fill it. When cures, just remove the tape. I have used it quite a few times and it works wonders. Everything else I tried just peeled off after a very short time.

I buy sneakers when on sale so I have 4 that are currently in rotation. I also take out the inserts and replace with arch supports; it seems to really help the heel wear pattern for me. And, as was mentioned, exercise sneakers are for exercise only; older, "less optimal for exercise" versions are ready for wet weather, muddy trails, & yardwork. Muddy shoes: dry (stuff with newspaper) & scrape off dirt; I never wash them. p.s. the same goes for sports bras: rotate! 3; wash after use - in a mesh bag, & then air dry. (Sweat and dryers are bra killers!) My friend wears her bra into the shower, washes with a dab of shampoo, and then lets it hang in the shower to dry!

Washing Shoes in Washing Machine

One reader mentioned not to place shoes in the washing machine. I wear Skechers exclusively. They are my one and only brand . I have two pairs and wash them in my every other month. My Skechers are leather - plus Skechers are made in the USA. I tried several others brands over the years and was very disappointed. I bought my first pair of Skechers 3 years ago and they are still in great shape! I rotate between the two pairs - plus I air mine outdoors.

Now , air jordan shoes fans,do you have a clear idea about what to do to keep your shoes good?

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