Tips for maintenance basketball shoes

Published: 05th July 2010
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Basketball shoes maintenance have two purposes: one is the maintenance of function and the other is maintenance of appearance. The main methods for the maintenance of the fuction are correct preservation while the maintenance of appearance is mainly embodied in cleaning the shoes correctly. But some times they are both needed.

As for the methods, the shoes should be preserved properly because the basketball shoes are made from various raw materials, such as leather, cloth, nylon, trackless rubber, etc, which leads the cleaning process more complex since these individual materials need to be glued. It is these different materials that make the shoes work well. Therefore a proper cleaning is needed to keep the texture of the consisted materials. While doing so, the following tips worth.

First, the shoes should be kept in a relatively dry place with good air condition and avoid direct sunlight, because damp environment will lead the shoes corrupted and the direct exposure under the sun will lead to cracks and discoloration. But the storing place should not be too dry to causing discoloration and deterioration. Second, the shoes should be lined with soft spitball to keep it dry since the paper can absorb moistures left in the shoes. In addition, it can also help maintain the shape. Third, if the shoes are for the purpose of collection, it would be better to package them with shrinkage film to keep them away from moisture as much as possible. Most shoes stores are taking the same measures to keep shoes. For example, the air insole employed in MAx Air, and Air Jordan 11 and Air Jordan 16 will turn yellow over time.

As far as cleaning concerned, the methods should be based on individual materials. Detergent can be used at the outsole and non-nylon parts at the profile, and then you can brush them with gentle manner after ten seconds. This process should not be too long to avoid deteriorations and after finishing brushing, the foam should be washed away either by cold or warm water. After finishing that, you should dry it with rag. But if the shoes have visible air sole, you have to wipe the drops around the sole away to prevent exposure of glue after cleaning. If possible, get rid of the scree in sole with toothpick, because such things will have your shoes out of shape. The cleaning of upper should be arranged according to the main materials. The usual is clearing with wet rags and cautions worth in order to avoid apparent cracks. If not, the cracks will widen. But if the upper shoes are Nike's foamposite or Pu materials or patent leather, it's ok to wipe it with wet rag. But when it comes to imitated furs such as the black upper of air Jordan 7, you should pay attention to the dampness of rag. Otherwise it will get worse. But this method can not be employed into shoes with cloth upper such as Nike air Garnett III. Since such uppers find no ways to clean. Then, it would be better to unfasten the ties and wash it, which will make your cleaned shoes more attractive. Last but not the least; you should wear your shoes under natural conditions, say not in rainy day, snow day.... Besides, you should change you shoes at regular bases to avoid over-used. In a word, the maintenance of shoes needs care and is worthwhile.

Summery: Sports shoes are so popular that almost everyone owns one pair. Some are durable and dear while others are cheap and fragile. But if we maintain them properly, its life can be extended more or less. Based on above, this article chose the maintenance of sports shoes as its objective. The article not only offers some practical cleaning methods but also some tips for attention in the course of maintaining your shoes.

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